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 Wraithhunter's app ^o^

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PostSubject: Wraithhunter's app ^o^   Thu Aug 27, 2009 5:19 am

Your real name:Alex

Your In-Game name:Wraithhunter (i could have tags on it)

Whether you are applying for Mr.Goat's server, or Ace's Server: Why goat's ofcourse ^^

Why you want to be admin: so i can help out, ive noticed on most servers some people arnt on and people are swearing away, rejoining so they dont gotta be whitey, so i thought if i was admin i could boot em ^^ (after 2 warnings ofcourse)

What you will do for this server: why silly dilly ill help it out (if i ever figured out how to make maps i would lmao) kick all those lil immature kids and those mean ol' 40 yr olds ^o^

(p.s. ive been admin on kidzilla's server so i know all the commands and stuff {i also know how to put up with alot})
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Wraithhunter's app ^o^
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